The 23 Surprising Frugal Habits That Aren’t Worth The Effort

Frugal living is great and everyone wants to save as much money as they can but sometimes there are frugal tips and ideas that are just not worth the time or energy!

Which frugal tips do they think are just not worth it? 

No Hobbies

“Avoiding hobbies. Life is too short and many hobbies are pretty affordable,” wrote one person.

Make Your Own Laundry Detergent

One person wrote, “Making your own laundry detergent. It’s only worth it to make it in large quantities but then you have to store it somewhere.”

Doing Everything Yourself

“Doing everything yourself. There is a lot to be said for paying someone to do work that you could do, but they could do better and/or faster.

Know What Your Time Is Worth

“Know what your time is worth. We have someone come in and help with the housework 1x day per month, just the big stuff, ” wrote one person

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