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The 12 Most Mind-Blowing Movies Of All Time, According To Fan

You see a movie, whether in the theatre or at home, and it’s life-changing. We searched online for fan answers to that very question: “What are the most mind-blowing movies of all time?” Here’s what we found!

Raiders Of The Lost Ark

I love Indiana Jones. I’m too young to have seen it in the theatre, but man, Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of those movies that really sticks with you.


Game over, man! Game over! Interesting that fans championed “Aliens” (the sequel) and not Alien, but I actually agree with this one too.

Another incredible movie, Spirited Away, was one of the first anime movies that really hit the mainstream.

Spirited Away

Terminator 2

So many people agreed with this one on Reddit. While it’s another one that I didn’t get a mind-blowing theatrical experience with, Terminator 2 is definitely one of my favorite movies.

The only reason this wasn’t a mind-blowing experience for me is because I was too young when I first saw it. That being said, Jurassic Park is definitely one of my all-time most loved films!

Jurassic Park

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