Party Like It's Your Birthday: 21 Awesome Ways to Celebrate in Style! 

If you are like me, planning a new idea for your birthday can seem like another task or chore on your to-do list, but here are some fun birthday ideas that should help get you started!

 21 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday

Wine Tasting

You could have a group of friends over, purchase a few bottles of wine and have friends bring different types of charcuterie boards. A fruit board, a dessert board, a comfort food board, you name it. 

Dress Up 

I know this one sounds like it may be childish, but I’ve seen it done, and it looks pretty fun. You can create a theme and tell everyone to dress up to match that theme.

Host a Murder Mystery Night

This one may be a little creepy for some, but if you are a true-crime junkie like many people, this one may be an excellent idea!

Movie Night 

Movie night can either be at your home, and you can binge-watch a series of movies, or create a list of your favorites and include the wine night as mentioned above. 

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