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Moms, You Deserve A Break: These 11 TV Shows Are Perfect For Binge-Watching

With TV shows launching constantly, getting canceled, or only having a season or two (no thank-you), finding the RIGHT TV show to dedicate your time to can be a pain. So what TV shows ARE binge-worthy for moms?

Workin’ Moms

Launching in 2017, the Canadian comedy-drama Workin’ Moms follows the journey of moms (and friends) and their experiences during motherhood. You witness toddler tantrums, wild teens, and relationships gone awry.

Ginny & Georgia

Ginny & Georgia is another comedy-drama you don’t want to skip out on. Also available on Netflix, the show originally premiered in 2021 and has two seasons currently out. Ginny & Georgia follows teenage Ginny, her mother, Georgia, and her family. Of course, Ginny feels like she’s more mature – and smarter – than her mother, leading to many sticky situations.

Featuring Kristen Bell as the main character, the American fantasy and sitcom The Good Place premiered in 2016 and continued for four seasons. Available to watch on Netflix and Apple TV, the series follows Eleanor (Bell) going to “the good place” after death – only to realize she’s actually in the “bad place.”

The Good Place

Grace And Frankie

The casting of Grace and Frankie was just perfect – and you’ll agree once you’ve watched all seven seasons of this comedy from 2015. Not to ruin the surprise, but you’ll watch as Grace and Frankie reshape their lives after their husbands. Sol and Robert reveal that they’re gay – and in love with each other.

Based on the 1975 series of the same name, this 2017 comedy-drama follows Penelope as she navigates motherhood as a single mom with her Cuban-American family – which happens to include her mother living with her.

One Day At A Time

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