Love on a Tight Budget: 8 Cozy and Affordable Date Night Ideas for Valentine's Day 

Going on dates is an essential part of being a couple, but at the same time, they can hit your bank account pretty hard. But as all frugal people know,  you don’t always have to spend a ton of money to be romantic!

Are you looking for fun, free date ideas? I got you! 

Make sweet desserts together

Find some time to go shopping for some ingredients or gather the ones you already have in the pantry. Then look up recipes or make the ones you already know you will love. Cooking together is an excellent way to spend time together, and you get to enjoy some delicious treats when they are finished baking!

Check out local festivals or markets

Exploring your neighborhood together is one of the best free date night ideas ever to exist! It lets you find out more about the city you live in and spend some quality time with your partner.

Consider a themed movie date night

Watching movies at home is the perfect free date night idea for when you are too tired to step out of the house to do something fun. Make it more interesting by picking a specific theme for the movies you choose.

curate music playlists

Another chill yet romantic free date night idea is to sit down and make playlists together on music apps. Whether it’s Apple Music or Spotify, you can make a playlist that has both of your favorite songs.

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