Have you ever tasted gnocchi? Well, they taste like tiny potato pillows (if pillows tasted good), and they are absolutely delicious! While gnocchi is sort of lumped into the pasta family, it is not pasta at all! 

Gnocchi is a tiny potato dumpling that you often cook like pasta (hence the confusion), and you serve with pasta sauce, marinara sauce, or other delicious sauces. If you are a pasta lover, you will probably love gnocchi so give it a try!

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Creamy Gnocchi with Tomatoes

Make a meal of comforting gnocchi with this creamy recipe with tomatoes. It is sure to please! 

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Creamy Mushroom Gnocchi

If you like mushrooms, grab a fork and check this recipe out! It looks perfectly creamy and is loaded with mushrooms for such a hearty dinner! 

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Instant Pot Vegan Gnocchi Soup

Pop some gnocchi in the instant pot, and in no time, you are going to be dishing up a steamy bowl of vegan soup for dinner. 

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Gnocchi with Mushroom Sauce

This mushroom sauce is dreamy. You are going to love the way it compliments the gnocchi! 

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Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Have you ever tried gnocchi with sweet potato? It is fantastic, and I know you will love the flavor of this dish! 

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