Frugal Mom Shares Her Secrets: How to Score Big at Goodwill 

One of the best frugal living tips is to buy things second-hand. . 

One of the best places to do that? Goodwill! 

Wait A Few Days

After four days (this was our store’s policy), we would perform a store rotation, meaning most items that have not previously been discounted but have failed to sell will be discounted 15-30% from the current price we have on there.

Come Back And Ask For A Deal

If you see that an item hasn’t sold or been discounted after four days, then ask a staff member or manager if they can cut the price an additional 10% or so.

Ask For A Better Price

If you feel an item is overpriced for what we have it listed for (and we aim for 90%+ off the retail prices), ask us about it. We will be more than happy to look into it and cut you an even better deal than you were anticipating.

Shop Early In The Morning

The earlier in the day you shop at Goodwill, the more money you can save. Employees price new items at night, so you can find the best deals as soon as the store opens the next day

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