9 Best Strategies For A Better Night’s Sleep

Getting enough quality sleep each night is just as essential as a healthy diet and regular exercise. As a nurse practitioner with over two decades of experience, I’ve seen firsthand the widespread health effects poor sleep can have.

9 Best Strategies For A Better Night’s Sleep


Having the same sleep/wake time each day is the most critical factor for sleeping well.

Morning Light

Getting natural light within the first half hour of waking up helps to regulate our cortisol and melatonin hormones, which keep our body’s circadian rhythms in sync.

Get Moving.

Regular, daily exercise helps your body relax and therefore sleep better at night. Pick up your pace and aim for 10,000 steps per day!

Curb The Caffeine.

Everyone metabolizes caffeine differently, but caffeine’s half-life is generally around five hours. Therefore, half of the caffeine in an 8-ounce cup of coffee will still be in your system five hours later.

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