Sweet Dreams: 8 Easy Tricks to Help Your Toddler Sleep Through the Night 

Getting your headstrong toddler to stay in their bed all night can be a huge challenge!

Here are eight simple ways to help your toddler stay in bed at night! 

Keep A Bedtime Routine

It’s important that when it’s time to go to bed, your kids know that too. Whether they are 12 or just a few months old, starting a good bedtime routine is the key to success. 

Let Them See Older Siblings In Bed

I realized after a while (actually, after my husband pointed it out) that letting my 2-year-old physically SEE my 3-year-old getting in bed first would help!

Be Gentle (Even When It’s Hard)

Remember that it will be okay; remember that this season won’t last forever, even though it feels like it will. Be gentle not only with your toddler but with yourself.

Set Boundaries And Be Firm

And also be firm. Don’t give in. That doesn’t mean stopping checking on your kids or starting to yell. It just means be patient and stick to what you say.

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