7 Ways To Empower Your Pre-Teen Daughter With Confidence

Whenever I hear her talk about those negative things, it breaks my mama’s heart because I want her to know how loved she is, how special she is, how amazing she is, and how she should have all of the confidence in the world.

From a mom of a very pre-teen daughter, here are my top ways to help your pre-teen daughter with confidence. 


It’s important to communicate with your pre-teen. Yes, even when you’re annoyed, angry, or even frustrated.

Build Trust

When your pre-teen trusts you, they are willing to talk to you about the random and complicated and awkward stuff.

Words Of Encouragement

Every girl needs to hear words of encouragement! Some people need it more than others, but being a pre-teen is hard; they want to feel heard and seen.

Share Your Experience

Sharing your past experiences with your daughter will equip them to know better!

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