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18 Netflix Originals To Binge-Watch This Weekend

You have no plans for the weekend, but you do have a nice comfy couch, blanket, and a fridge full of food and snacks, so what’s next? Binge-watching some amazing shows on Netflix, of course!

Orange Is The New Black (OITNB)

Chances are you may have seen Orange is the New Black since it ended in 2019, but if you haven’t, you should give it a watch.

Stranger Thing

Stranger Things follows the story of a group of kids who accidentally stumble onto supernatural forces and the government’s exploits to hide them.

Are you a foodie at heart? Then sink your teeth right into the Netflix original series Chef’s Table. There is six seasons worth of this one to binge and each episode takes you into the kitchen of a world-renowned chef.

Chef’s Table

Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth is the post-apocalyptic tale that occurs ten years after a viral pandemic that led to hybrid babies being born with human and animal characteristics.

The Haunting of Hill House is a horror mini-series that moves between the past and present of the Hill House and the paranormal effects still felt by the five adult Craven children to this day.

The Haunting Of Hill House

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