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12 TV Shows That Nobody Talks About But Are Absolutely Fantastic

What’s that TV show that you’re always wanting to share with people, but no one seems to know anything about? We all have one, which is why we wrangled up 12 great TV shows that nobody talks about.

The Tick

Nostalgia right out of the gate! If you missed it, The Tick was a mid-90s animated show based on the comics of the same name.

The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margareted

Written by and starring David Cross (Arrested Development), it’s a dark comedy show about an American who lies his way into a job in London selling energy drinks.

Derry Girls is a a relatively new (2018-2022) teen drama that’s set in Northern Ireland in the early 90s.

Derry Girl

Russian Doll

Russian Doll was right up my alley when I watched it but I do agree that not enough people recognized this show for what it is.

Miracle Workers is an anthology show, meaning that every season tells a completely different story using the same cast of actors.

Miracle Worker

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