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12 TV Shows That Managed To Be Consistently Fantastic From Start To End

TV shows capture our hearts, but it’s not often they manage to stay consistently good throughout the series. Some start strong, then turn formulaic, and others hype us up only to end with a disappointing series finale.


This story tells the hilarious story of a newly met aspiring writer and comic book artist posing as a professional couple to afford a flat together.

Better Off Ted

Better Off Ted comes up so often when anyone talks about great TV shows, and for good reason. Part satire, part science fiction, Better Off Ted takes the oh too relatable subject of hating your job to the next level.

Even if you didn’t grow up watching Mr. Rogers’s Neighborhood it’s easy to see why this show was consistently perfect. Tune into any episode and it will always hit home, no matter how old you are.

Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood

Band Of Brother

Band of Brothers was released as a miniseries so there wasn’t any chance for it to grow stale. Based off the book of the same name, it tells the true story of a US army airborne parachute infantry regiment.

It doesn’t just tell the story of what happened during the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, but also follows the politics and cover ups that led to further disaster.


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