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12 TV Shows That Had The Worst Ending Ever

We never want our favorite TV shows to end, but it’s made so much worse when they end badly. Especially if it’s a storyline you’ve been invested in for months or, quite often, years.

Game Of Throne

As a fan of Game of Thrones myself, I can totally understand the frustration people feel with the series’ ending.

How I Met Your Mother

We know that the main character is going to meet their mother at some point – the show was supposed to get us there.

I think the reason the ending of Sherlock upset fans so much is because it was such a great show otherwise.



Let’s just say that after 6 seasons of mystery and supernatural happenings, they just couldn’t continue the cycle of trying to ramp up the mystery.

It’s kind of weird to think of Seinfeld as having an ending. Although the episodes have some plot progression, it’s mostly the kind of sitcom you can watch in any order.


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