10 Best Tips For A Frugal Lifestyle

What financial cuts have you made that have significantly impacted your savings while embracing frugal living?

10 Best Tips For A Frugal Lifestyle

Create A Plan

““Creating a meal plan and cooking at home most nights of the week. As a result, we cooked enough for two extra meals and lunch the next day.

Avoid The Lazy Tax

“Your insurance and loans, in particular, will draw you in with a decent rate and then slowly increase that year after year.

Lose The Car

“I got rid of a little four-cylinder sedan ten years ago. I didn’t use it that much, and I remember calculating that it cost me around $40 per week in standing charges (insurance + rego + a little bit of fuel).”

Make A Spreadsheet

“It’s hard to make significant cutbacks when housing is such a huge cost for most people. But, by making a budget spreadsheet to see where your money is going, you’ll be able to see what to cut where you can,”

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