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10 Addictive Underwater Shows On Netflix That Will Keep You Hooked

Are you a scuba diver, sailor, or wave watcher who can’t get to the ocean? Discover what binge-worthy ocean shows on Netflix you can watch tonight!

Animal: Various Episodes (Octopus, Dolphin)

Animal is a 2021 nature documentary series with each of 8 episodes covering a different animal.

Below Deck

This reality series about “yachties,” sailor jargon for people who work on boats, is more drama than reality. Yet it will still appeal to ocean lovers thanks to the gorgeous filming locations.

From one of the world’s most prolific nature documentarians, this film covers all of Earth. But as we know, Earth is 71% covered by water, and much of the footage is on and below the ocean.

David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet

American Vandal

This Australian series follows a group of teenage female scuba divers in land and sea adventures. If you’re missing the ocean, watch this teen mystery series with great underwater content.

Centered around a trio of teenage girls who turn into mermaids after falling in a magical pool during a full moon, the show suspends disbelief.

H20: Just Add Water

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