The Summer Job Advantage: Why Your Teen Needs To Get To Work!

As summer approaches, many teenagers will be wandering around the house looking for things to do or hanging out. But parents should encourage some positive activities like getting a job and using this time to teach their kids about money.

Why Should Your Teen Get a Job?

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Why is this important, and what are some ways to do it?

Christa Mathews is a Certified Financial Educator (CFEd) who encourages teenagers to use the summer to work and learn about money. She says, “The younger a child is when they start learning about money, the better off they will be all throughout life with it. The summer offers a great opportunity when there is some downtime to start the learning process. Doing things like getting a job, collecting a paycheck, saving and investing that money, and so on are all extremely valuable lessons that will stay with you for many years to come. Parents should get involved as well and help guide their kids along the way.”

Learning Responsibility

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Having a summer job can help kids learn responsibility and accountability by managing their own time, being on time for work, and completing tasks efficiently in return for a paycheck.

Gaining Work Experience

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A summer job provides a great opportunity for kids to gain work experience, learn new skills, and develop confidence in their abilities.

Building a Resume

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By working during the summer, kids can add valuable experience to their resumes and make themselves more attractive for future endeavors.

Making Money

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Earning money can give kids a sense of independence and help them learn the value of hard work and financial responsibility.

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Managing Money

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Saving money can be a difficult task for anyone, but especially for young adults who are not yet used to managing their own finances. It’s important to teach them the importance of saving and budgeting in their early years in order to have a healthy relationship with money in adulthood.

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Setting Financial Goals

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Encourage kids to set goals for their summer earnings, whether it’s saving up for a new phone, a trip with friends, or contributing to their college fund.

Prioritizing Spending

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It’s important for kids to prioritize their spending, focusing on necessities first and fun purchases second. They need to learn not to spend all of their discretionary income in one place.

Investing in Themselves

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Encourage kids to invest in their education, whether it’s by taking courses, attending workshops or conferences, or finding books/podcasts about how to manage their money and build wealth.

Giving Back

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Teach kids about the importance of giving back to their community, whether it’s by volunteering their time or donating a portion of their earnings to a charitable organization or research center.

Save for Emergencies

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Encourage young adults to set aside a portion of their savings for emergencies, such as an unexpected flat tire, medical bills, etc. Sadly, most people know they should have an emergency fund but don’t.

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