​​Zero-Based Budgeting 101: Best Practices To Following The Money

When it comes to the topic of managing your money, are you taking the best approach?  

What Is Zero-Based Budgeting?

The basis of zero-based budgeting, also referred to as zero-sum budgeting, is a simple elementary school math equation. Your budget is considered “zero-based” or “zero-sum” when your total income minus total expenses equals zero. 

What Is The Benefit?

The beauty of zero-based budgeting is that you account for every dollar you receive. 

How To Create A Zero-Based Budget

If this is your first introduction to budgeting, it will be helpful to grab your bank statements for the past 3-6 months. 

Gather Your Income

This income will fund your entire budget and should include the money you earn and any money you deposit into your account throughout the month. 

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