Why My Kids Get No Screen Time

My kids get no “screen time”- in other words, they don’t watch TV. This is because we don’t own one, and I don’t allow them to watch anything on our tablets or phones. 

They are still young, so I still have some measure of control over what they know. By not having it in the house at all, I can ensure that I don’t just “give in”- even for a short amount of time. 

Besides the financial savings (No TV, no cable, no Netflix, no Hulu, no Amazon Prime, No DVD Rentals, no device for each kid), I want to raise my kids with good habits right from the start. My kids are still young, so I still have the opportunity to raise them without the peer pressure and external influences that start to seep in as they grow older. 

TV is on for an average of 6 hours and 47 minutes a day in an American household. The number is staggering! Think about what you can do with all that extra time! 

We spend a lot of time outdoors doing fun and frugal things. We may spend some money on toys and supplies, but at least we don’t have a cable bill. Part of embracing a frugal lifestyle is turning away from expensive electronics that constantly need updating and attention. 

TV also is FULL of marketing messages- subtle and overt. When we watch TV and movies, we are bombarded with different messages that OTHER people decide to share with us- usually in the pursuit of making themselves money 

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