Why I Didn’t Get a Raise

 When I got a raise, I convinced myself that I didn’t get the raise. It worked! 

Why I Didn't Get a Raise

I didn’t get a raise this week. Well, actually, I did get a raise—sort of. My boss gave me a raise, but I didn’t give it to myself.

What do I mean? 

Right now, I am at the point where I am “making it” day today, but there are still goals that I need to meet. My emergency fund is not fully funded. I have some big purchases that I need to save up for. My raise is going to pay for that. If I have been fine with my current paycheck, then I can live without my raise. When my boss told me that I would be getting a raise, the first thing I did is increase my retirement savings contribution.

I Won't Miss It

If the money is immediately accounted for-then, I will never miss it! I then sat down and decided how much more needs to go into each of my savings accounts- my emergency fund, my large purchases account, etc. After a while, I will increase my discretionary spending but not until I bulk up my savings a bit!

This is why it is so important to have money goals. Then, when you get some “Extra Money,” you know exactly where to put it! 

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