Who’s The Highest-Paid Actress In 2022? Top 10 Revealed

How much does your favorite actress make? It’s tantalizing to speculate about Hollywood actresses’ fabulous lifestyles and astronomical paychecks. If you are curious to know which starlets are raking in the most, this article is for you. 

The first time she appeared on the Forbes magazine annual list of highest-paid actresses was in 2019, and she still holds the 10th position firmly with a net worth of $15.5 million. 

#10 Viola Davis

#9 Elisabeth Moss 

She appeared as one of the highest-paid TV actresses in 2018 and still stands her ground with a net worth of $16 million.

#8 Ellen Pompeo

Pompeo penned an article about the gender pay gap and her new deal with ABC, which made it to the cover story for The Hollywood Reporter’s January 2018 issue. Pompeo’s estimated net worth is about $19 million.

Although her income dropped from the $34 million she made in 2019, her appearance with Meryl Streep in “The Prom” and the box-office success of “The Undoing” with Hugh Grant have secured her place on this list in 2022 again.

#7 Nicole Kidman 

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