What You Need to Know About GoodRx

On average, an American spends about $1200 per person per year, more than anyone in any other country. One company trying to help the public reduce these costs – and still get the medications they need – is Good Rx.

Everything You Need to Know About GoodRx

What is GoodRx?

Starting in 2011, GoodRx is a startup that created an online website and phone app platform that tracks the prices of different prescription medications. Users can find information on drug prices near them, compare them to various pharmacies, AND get free coupons for discounts.

How it Works

– Go to the homepage at Goodrx.com – Input the medication you are looking for – View the list of pharmacies near you that sell the drug – View the prices of the drugs at each location – You compare and see which one you’d like – Go to the pharmacy and get your medication!

How Do They Make Money?

Given that the website is free for users, you may think that this is too good to be true. However, there are no surprises or hidden costs. They earn income through advertisements on their site and referral fees.

What to know

Prescription prices vary, and unless you know what your other options are, it can be challenging to shop around for the best price. GoodRx makes comparing drug prices super easy and shows you which pharmacies near you have the best deals.

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