What to Know When Buying Your First Investment Property

Buying your first investment property can seem daunting. However, getting started in real estate investing can be a great way to move forward in your path to financial freedom. 

Single-family vs. Multi-family

When deciding on your investment strategy for your first property, you will have to choose between buying a single-family residence (SFR) or a multi-family building. While many people see purchasing a single-family as a steppingstone into multi-family, that is not necessarily the case. If you want to focus on multi-family apartments, it is possible to start with them directly.

How To Pick A Property

It is crucial to figure out your preferred investing model, define what property fits this model, and find a property that fits these criteria. Suppose you do not set out with this level of intentionality. In that case, you will be liable to be whipped around the market and spin your wheels looking for deals.


Getting a loan on an investment property can be a bit different than a mortgage on your primary residence.

Building your Team

Please do not go out to the world and ask people if they will be on your investing team. Relationships with the people you will work with for investing in real estate should be more organic than this.

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