No More Meal Planning! What To Do If You Hate Meal Plans

Do you struggle with meal planning? I do! I don’t find it practical for me, and I don’t think it saves me money. I do like to use Building Blocks to help me reduce meal prep times. 

Go Grocery Shopping Before You Plan

Then you can plan your meals around what you bought. The problem is that I never get around to the actual planning of the meals part. Or the remembering to prepare it part. 

Make Building Blocks

What I do is I take a few hours and create the building blocks of a few meals. I don’t need to decide in advance what dishes I will be making- I just prepare ingredients. 

Why Does This Work Well?

There is always something to eat in the fridge! You always have part of a meal started, so all you need is a side or topping to make it into a full meal. You are also much less tempted to buy take-out when most of the work is already done 

Make a Salad For Lunch

If you are constantly being tempted by those pricey salad bars at Whole Foods or a café near you, then buy some “fun” things to spice up your salad: croutons, nuts, olives, sunflower seeds. The good thing is that those usually last, so it won’t go bad if you don’t eat it that week!  

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As a working mother, my goal is to get a decent supper on the table every night.  

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