What to Do If You Don’t Receive Important Tax Document

Although it’s (probably) no one’s favorite holiday to celebrate, Tax Day, like any other annual event, does require some preparation. 

What Do You Do if You Don’t Get Your Tax Forms?

First things first: make sure you know whether or not the form is actually late. Generally speaking, most IRS forms should be issued no later than January 31, which means you should expect to see the paper forms in your physical mailbox by mid-February.

What if You Don’t Get Your W-2?

The first step to take, if you don’t get your W-2, is to contact your employer. It’s likely the HR or accounting department that takes care of tax documentation, so give them a ring

What if You Don’t Get Your 1099?

Again, if you’re due to receive a 1099 from an “employer” for independent contracting wages, the first step is to reach out to the individual or entity directly.

What if You Don’t Get Your 1095?

If you don’t have your 1095, you can reach out to the source it should have come from to figure out where it is.

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