Living Stingy: A Guide to Saving Money

I wanted to ask you all this question… Are you stingy? It’s a hard one. When you are obsessed with frugal living then there is a fine line between being frugal and being stingy.

Living stingy is all about making the best decisions to manage, multiply, and get the most value from your money. Unfortunately, the idea has a bad rep because of the stingy part of the term. 

What is Living Stingy?

If you’ve never adopted this money-saving method, you will find the following benefits convincing. However, if you’re already living stingy, here are some reasons to continue.  

Why You Should Embrace Living Stingy

Have you noticed that it is easier to spend money than make it? This is because human wants are insatiable, meaning we always want more. So, there is a tendency to overspend, especially when you have money and aren’t living stingy.  

Better Savings

Some people are overwhelmed with bills they cannot pay, which will make them work more jobs and spend more time away from home. In most cases, the problem isn’t that they’re not making enough money; they’re not financially savvy.  

Bill Payments

Imagine what it would be like not to have money problems? Imagine you don’t have to spend most of your life struggling to pay the mortgage, work multiple jobs, or worry about the children’s school fees? That life is possible through living stingy. 

Financial Freedom

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