What is Current Ratio and Why Does It Matter?

Running out of cash can be a frightening experience. It is one thing when you are in a restaurant, and you leave your wallet at home. However, it can be quite stressful to realize you have a potential cash flow problem coming down the pike. 

Personal Net Worth As A Key Benchmark

Net worth is a great way to review your personal financial data accounts at a point in time. It is calculated using your total assets: what you own less total liabilities, or what you owe. Hopefully, what you own is over what you owe. 

Liquid Net Worth As A More Realistic View

Liquid net worth is an even better and more realistic benchmark because it focuses on your assets’ liquid nature. That means those assets that can be quickly converted into cash with little or no loss of value. Although net worth remains a helpful gauge, it doesn’t differentiate your assets from their liquidating value. 

What Is The Current Ratio?

When measuring your current ratio, your focus is on existing assets. You can convert into cash within a year and current liabilities due within the year. The current ratio is sometimes referred to as the working capital ratio. 

Current Ratio Formula = Short term Assets/ Short Term Liabilities. 

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