What Is a Timeshare?

Today, a timeshare isn’t just one thing! The timeshare industry offers various products to match people’s different lifestyles and vacation preferences. There are 9.9 million U.S households (and 22 million worldwide) that own one or more types of timeshares. 

A Fixed Week

This type of timeshare ownership means you have the right to use a particular room type a specific week every year. That’s why you’ll see people talk about their timeshare ownership as Week 1 or Week 52. So if you want to vacation in Aruba the same holiday week every year at a specific resort, this type of timeshare purchase could be right for you. 

A Floating Week

This epic week-long road trip allows you to see stunning destinations like Red Rocks Canyon and Garden of the Gods near Colorado Springs and four of our country’s beautiful National Parks. 

An Allotment of Points

Based on your purchase package, owners receive a set number of points a year that act as currency they can use to make resort reservations within their timeshare chain. The more points you have, the larger the annual maintenance fee and the purchase price is. 

Fractional Ownership

The rarest type of timeshare is fractional ownership (or a shared deeded ownership) which happens to be the type of timeshare we own. So instead of just a week or a set amount of points, we hold a larger piece of a specific unit at a particular resort

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