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What Is A Home Warranty & How It Can Save You Lots Of Money

If you’ve purchased a home or are on the market for one, someone will mention the need for a home warranty policy.

The big questions though are what they cover and whether or actually not you need one.

What Is A Home Warranty & How It Can Save You Lots Of Money

What Is A Home Warranty?

Home warranties cover items in your home that are breaking or malfunctioning.

Home warranties can cost hundreds of dollars annually and often must be paid in full.

How Much Does A Home Warranty Cost?

There are several home warranty companies on the market. They all have different reputations and provide various advantages.

The Best Home Warranty Options

Pros Of Having A Home Warranty Plan

A plan purchased when you first buy a new home can be beneficial because it can provide a buffer to fixing common problems that may arise.

Cons To Home Warranty Protection

If a warranty doesn’t cover the problem that needs fixing or doesn’t cover the total cost, then you are also paying out of pocket for someone else to resolve the issue on top of the premium.

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