How to Get Free Diapers

Stock Up at the Hospital & Doctor Appointments

When you have your baby, the hospital will generally provide you with many things you will need, including diapers and other baby basics. Don’t be afraid to get as many as you can!

Ask Companies for Diaper Samples

Diaper companies love to give out samples! They want you to use and love their diapers so that you will buy more.

Join Diaper Company Rewards Programs

Many different diaper brands offer rewards programs that allow you to earn points by purchasing diapers that will help you earn free diapers.

Sign Up for Baby Registries and Get Baby Freebies

Each company has different freebies options when signing up for their baby registry. Most come with various baby items, including diapers and wipes!

Want more info on all the places you can score some free diapers for your baby?

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Hey! Having a baby? That can be expensive. 

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