Using Savings Calculators {Pigly Review)

When we talk about mindful spending or living on a strict budget we are espousing one rule: Every Dime Counts 

Need a savings calculator? Head over to Pigly where they have hundreds (for free)! 

Enter Pigly

Pigly is a new site that I just discovered that has a wealth of savings calculators for you to really see how much money you are spending or saving. They have calculators for savings, mortgages, credit cards, vehicles, loans, debt, budgeting, investing, retirement planning, and business.

The Brown Bag Saving Calculator

Take our lunch at work example. Pigly has a calculator for that! The Brown Bag Savings Calculator estimates how much money you would save daily and yearly if you bring your own lunch rather than buying. They also calculate how much money you would save if you invest that money instead of spending it.

Make Good Decisions

I am not encouraging anyone to be spending money they don’t have! I am naturally frugal and do believe that everyone should be working hard to ensure that they have a significant emergency fund and retirement savings to help them be prepared for life.

Choose Where Your Money Goes

When you are living on a tight budget it is very important to make sure that you are choosing where your money goes appropriately. when there is not a lot of money you need to be very targeted in your spending. spend where it is most necessary and where it brings you the most joy or reward.

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