Unemployed? 10 Tips To Get You Through Unemployment

While you are unemployed, you need to readjust your priorities and goals. While you may want to thrive and do well with your finances (save money, get out of debt, etc.), those aren’t realistic or practical goals. Focus on surviving financially while you are unemployed.

10 Tips To Get You Through Unemployment

Apply for all the help you can get.

Unemployment, Medicaid, Food Stamps, WIC, and other programs are a safety net designed to help you get through periods like this.

Look to lower your costs.

The three highest costs that most people have are usually housing, car, and tuition. Unfortunately, those three are also the hardest to reduce quickly, even though they will net you the biggest savings.

Lower your bills.

Call every service provider and see if you can negotiate or just plain ask for a better deal. By taking advantage of a promotion, we could get better internet for $5 cheaper a month. Again, not major savings but every little bit counts.

Stop paying the debt.

Paying off debt is a great goal and a great way to change your financial future, but unless your debt is predatory, consider putting a pause on all debt repayment plans.

Remember, you want to survive a layoff with your finances intact, but the most important thing is to survive and live to see another day.

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