Ultimate Guide to 2 Player Card Games

We’re going to break down everything from Go Fish! to Magic: the Gathering. This is your ultimate guide to 2 player card games.

Egyptian Rat Screw 

Egyptian Rat Screw is a slapping game. You slap the cards, not each other! It’s fun with two players, but any number of players can play so long as they all can reach the central pile. The full deck of cards gets dealt evenly, or as close to evenly as math allows.


If Egyptian Rat Screw sounds a little too crazy, then just start with Slapjack. Slapjack starts precisely the same as the Egyptian Rat Screw. Players can play so long as they can reach the central pile.

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Spit is a tableau game and a shedding game. Tableau should remind you of solitaire. It refers to the idea that playing one card allows you to turn over the card underneath it. And shedding is the idea that a player is trying to get rid of all her cards.


You’ve probably played this before. The 52 cards are all laid face down. A player chooses two cards to flip over. If the two cards match rank and color (e.g., 6 of spades and 6 of clubs), then they keep that pair and go again. If they don’t get a match, then play passes to the left.

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