Truebill: What You Need to Know About The App! 

Ever thought about creating an app that magically saves you money?  I have. 

What is TrueBill?

Simply put, Truebill negotiates your bills, makes sure you’re aware of all the subscriptions you are currently paying for, and helps you track where your money goes! You’re able to save money and, in a sense, make money, all in one app.

How does TrueBill Work?

Truebill analyzes all of your accounts for you and, based on the data it collects, gives you a snapshot of your finances. From identifying possible unused subscriptions, overpriced car insurance, and all the way to overdraft fees – Truebill helps you identify where you can save money each month.

Does Truebill cost money?

Truebill has to make its money somehow for the service they offer. They do this by collecting 40% of whatever they save you. For every $1 you save because of Truebill, they keep $.40 of it.

Pros of Truebill

– The snapshot Treubill provided was detailed, user friendly, and easy to navigate. – I quickly realized I was overpaying for car insurance and immediately took action, saving me $100’s per year.

Cons of Truebill

– They keep 40% of what you save if you let them do the grunt work. – Requires access to accounts (like any app, possible security breaches exist)

Want to read more about Truebill and how it works?

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