Top 7 Ways To Save Money (During a Time of Inflation)

When inflation rears its ugly head, how can you think about bills while covering life’s daily costs? Saving money becomes a pipe dream for many when the cost of living rises. 

Check Your Subscriptions

These subscriptions add up over time and saving money takes thought and effort. There are apps you can use that will find all your subscriptions and help you decide what to keep, but you can do it manually as well.

Make A List Before You Go Shopping

Part of saving money is to go into everything you do with a clear plan. The shopping list you create will guide you through the store. 

Plan Ahead and Eat at Home

Eating out is easy, but it is often costly. Food is expensive enough at the grocery store these days.  

Give Yourself An Online Shopping Day with a Budget

Online shopping can be a great way to keep to your budget because you are not walking around a store finding things you like that are off your shopping list. 

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