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Top 12: Who Is The Most Unlikeable Main Character Of A TV Show?

You don’t have to love a show to like a character, but an unlikable main character can make even a great show hard to watch.


Shoutout to French Canadians here! My kids watched Caillou, and it definitely has a special place in my heart…

Dr. Phil – The Dr. Phil Show

He might be meme-worthy lately, but anyone who’s seen the show knows just how unlikeable Dr. Phil can be.

As a writer, I hate Carrie Bradshaw for how ridiculously well-paid she appears to be for her column, but other folks had more nuanced reasons for disliking her.

Carrie Bradshaw – Sex In The City

Dr. Smith – Lost In Space

This is referring to the original series when it was suggested, but I think it also applies to the Netflix remake too.

I’m the first to debate anyone hating on Skyler, but Walter White is definitely a strong contender for most unlikeable main character of a TV show.

Walter White – Breaking Bad

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