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These 12 TV Shows Have The Best Pilot Episodes According To Fan

A TV show pilot is designed to get viewers hooked, or a series picked up by a network, but they’re also usually rough around the edges.

The X-File

The first episode of The X-Files is a perfect example of how a pilot that’s rough around the edges can still introduce a series perfectly.


Community’s pilot episode does an exceptional job of introducing all the characters. Mirroring the show’s story, it really does feel like you’re meeting a bunch of folks on their first day of post-secondary school.

In case you haven’t watched the first episode of Lost, I’m going to skip the spoilers on this one because it’s so good.


Arrested Development

Like most sitcoms, the pilot of Arrested Development needed to introduce the characters, story, and comedic style all in a 20-minute episode – and it definitely succeeded with all three.

Another super expensive pilot episode (even more pricey than Lost) Westworld’s first episode truly felt cinematic from beginning to end.


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