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The Top 12 Most Overrated TV Series, According To The Internet

We tracked down the most popular answers to the question, “What are the most overrated TV series” – with reasons why.

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory was popular enough to get a spin off series but that doesn’t stop plenty of people thinking it’s one of the most overrated TV series out there.

The Walking Dead

It’s not for everyone, so I’m not surprised to see people suggest The Walking Dead as an overrated TV series.

If this is your favorite show, I’m sorry to say plenty of people think it’s overrated. Lots of folks dislike Friends, finding it both unfunny and unrelatable.



Ooh, this one is definitely controversial. Lost is often regarded as one of the best TV shows, but with every popular show comes folks who dislike it too.

Both the US and UK versions have come up as overrated, with the American version running for longer and, therefore, more polarizing

The Office

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