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The Top 10 Ways For Teens To Earn Money in 2022

This phase comes with some responsibilities. You have to do things yourself now, and you can’t continue to rely on your folks to always pick up the bills.

Social Media Management

As a social media manager, you will create and manage social media accounts for businesses or individuals.

Online Jobs For Teens: The Top 10 Ways For Teens To Earn Money in 2022

Freelance Writing

Research to find publications/blogs/companies that match your style. Then, send a few pitches to see if they’re interested in running a piece from you.

The great thing about being a VA is that you can choose your work hours, and the jobs are perfect for teens who want to make some extra money in their spare time.

Virtual Assistant

 A web developer creates and manages client websites, which can involve anything from designing the website to coding the HTML and CSS.

Web Development

Creative Design

Are you a creative designer? There are many online platforms where you can sell designs and make a commission from every sale.


Photography is one of the most lucrative ways to earn money online as a teen. As long as you have a good eye for detail and a passion for photography, you have plenty of opportunities.

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