The TikTok Hacks You NEED To Know When Spending Your AMEX Point

Want To Spend AMEX Points This Summer? 6 Secret Hacks Confirmed By TikTokers 

Check The Best Cent Per Point

Max shares that the best way to redeem points is to check for the best value CPP (cent per point), and he reveals that cashback will give you the worst value 

Book Flights Across Three Major Airline Alliances

American Express has an impressive list of airline partners enabling you to use your points, putting them towards almost any flight you choose. 

Access Free Car Rental

Arrive in style by using your points towards a rental car, as discovered by TikToker nickkalstek whose video has nearly 6,000 views displaying how to rent a premium car using your Amex points. 

Buy Gift Cards Or Pay With Points

ou can use your points to pay for your shopping across your favorite brands, allowing you access to purchase almost anything you like, as shared by TikToker titsandtraveltips

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