The Most Popular Books in Every U.S. State

Are your reading habits typical in your state? Do you think that you are original in your book choices? I like to think that I am! But it turns out that most people in my state actually read and search for the same type of books that I enjoy!  

Most Popular Book Genre

Fantasy is the most popular book genre in America, a new study has revealed, being the most searched in 11 states. 

Fantasy Books

Fantasy had the highest number of states searching for this book genre, with eleven states loving this genre, including Hawaii, Alaska, Massachusetts, Arizona, and North Carolina.  

Thriller Books

Thriller books were the second most popular, with 10 American states searching the genre. These states include Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, and Ohio 

Horror Fiction

A total of nine states, including California, New York, and New Jersey, searched the most for Horror fiction, making it the third most popular book genre.  

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