The Best Futures Brokers — and How to Choose Between Them

Futures trading isn’t something you wake up one day and decide to have a stab at while you sip your coffee and watch a few YouTube tutorials. It’s serious stuff, and there’s plenty that can go wrong. You could easily stumble at the first hurdle by choosing the wrong futures broker.

Here’s a breakdown of our top futures broker picks, along with some guidance about how to choose between them 

What Makes Future Brokers Different?

Futures offer a way to trade a strategy or your view of the future price of an asset. You can lock in (what you believe to be) a reasonable price today and (if all goes well and momentum is in your favor) sell or buy back to make a profit later on.

Which Futures Broker Is Best?

Now you know what makes futures brokers different, you probably want to know what platform you can use to trade futures on. To evaluate which platform is right for you, carefully consider the following factors

What’s the Best Futures Broker for Scalping?

Various brokers allow you to scalp futures. However, TransAct Futures is a broker explicitly built for this purpose, so it’s worth checking out.

What’s the Best Futures Broker With API Trading Functionality?

InteractiveBrokers allows you to trade futures using its web API, and it’s a great option since it’s smooth and has all the features you need, including market data access and the opportunity to view positions.

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