The Best Family Games For A Perfect Family Game Night

We all know how important family time is. No matter how busy you are, you should always make time for at least one night a week where you can sit and spend time with your loved ones.

The Best Family Games For A Perfect Family Game Night

Monopoly/Monopoly Jr

This one helps with math skills, especially the junior edition since the math is easier for the little ones to follow. As another alternative, there is a new card game version of Monopoly for when you want a quick game, where you draw cards from a deck to try to get three sets of monopolies to win the game.


This game has been through many versions, but the concept of one winner in life (read one person who had a good run at everything) is fun, plus it’s hilarious to see the different avenues one life can take. Life is available where other games are sold.

Trivial Pursuit

The idea of this game is simple; you have a wedge and go around the board answering questions on various topics. When you land on the special spot (noted by the large pie piece on it), and you get the answer right, you win that color.


Last but not least, Yahtzee is also a great family game. You have a cup with five dice in them to shake up and roll and try to get various combinations, such as three of a kind, large and small straights, or the big one a ‘Yahtzee,’ which is where all five die read the same number.

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