The Best Books Of All Time {Great Holiday Gifts}

From riveting thrillers to inspiring true-to-life experiences, these best books of all time won the hearts of millions of avid readers and literary critics.  

Find Your Genre

Most people have a sense of what type of book they like. Even if you already know what genre speaks to you, it can be fun to expand your horizons. Maybe dystopian fiction calls to you or a bubbly, fun romance that you can breeze through on vacation. 

Consider Your Reading Preferences

Tone and style can be deciding factors as well. Some people love reading books with rich and evocative language, while others prefer light and easy-to-read writing. Find a book or book series that fits your needs if the page count is important. 

Standalone vs. Serie

Some of the most-read books are series, like Lord of the Rings, where several books are broken down into installments to complete the storyline. In every book, the author may introduce new characters and plotlines. 

What Are the Best Fiction Books of All Time?

From novels penned by great American authors to books that broke boundaries and made a cultural impact, here are the top seven best fiction books of all time that you should read: Click through to get the list!

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