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The Abrupt Endings Of These 8 Netflix Shows That Left Viewers Unsatisfied

The worst part of having your favorite show canceled is that you never get to see the ending and never find out what happened to all the characters. If there was a good ending, the fans might not be upset!


Travelers is a fan favorite that got canceled, but some people claim that the show did have an ending, but one person disagreed, “I know a lot of people were satisfied with the ending after S3. I wasn’t. "

Cowboy Bebop

One person said, “Cowboy Bebop. I was a fan of the original and was actually liking the new take on it. And more music by The Seatbelts.”


The cancellation of GLOW is still affecting fans. One person wrote, “I randomly turned to my wife over the weekend and just said, “I miss GLOW.”

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