Take Some Time and Play Mindlessly- It’s Okay, I Won’t Tell

Confession time!! I admit: not every second of the day am I hustling or super busy. In fact, there are times when I do mindless things. It is true. I am not always taking surveys, or working on my blog, taking care of my family, or working. There are times when I actually do nothing.

Not a Confession

This isn’t a confession because this is not some sin I have to confess. In fact, it is OKAY sometimes not to do anything, and sometimes it’s ok to spend time playing games (or whatever silly thing floats your boat). Hustle culture has convinced us that we need to be working or doing at all times, and it is just NOT TRUE.

Wasting Time

Wasting time on your phone? You know what? Go for it! It’s ok to waste some time. It’s ok to feel like you have some time that isn’t accounted for.

Free Game Site

I like free stuff, so I figure I would take the time to share it with you. It’s a great site with tons of free games you can play on your phone or a laptop (possibly other devices, but I am neither tech-savvy enough nor rich enough to have other devices, so I cannot speak about that).

Word Games

I really word games; maybe it feeds into my love of reading, so I really enjoyed playing some word games. Some part of me (the part that doesn’t really believe everything I tell it) feels better than if it includes letters, it probably is educational. Not there is anything wrong with non-educational games..

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