Summer Bucket List: Cheap And Fun Summer Activities For Kid

With a list of miles long of things to do for those days on summer vacation, I’ve compiled a summer bucket list that is sure to please anyone who has a little more time on their hands this season.

Play In Water 

Go and find a water park, a fountain, or a sprinkler near you and have fun! You can also set up some water games in your own backyard. Use buckets, a hose, water bottles, or whatever else you have lying around. 

Go For A Bike Or Scooter Ride 

Riding bikes and scooters for fun is a great way to spend time with friends and family. Scooters are great because they are easy to carry around and can be used on sidewalks and bike paths. 

Go To The Library 

Feed Ducks In A Pond 

Get The Look

Tie Dye-Shirts 

Doing your own toe-dye is the quintessential camp activity, but you don’t need camp to teach your kids how to do this fun project. 

Water The Garden And Pull Weeds 

Gardening is a handy skill, and it can be a lot of fun to get into the dirt. Grab some watering cans or just some large cups and get to watering.

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