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Snow Storm? Check Out These 15 Fantastic Netflix Shows 

Looking for some shows that are absolutely fantastic but don’t consistently make the top ten every week?


“Bloodline is maybe the best original Netflix series that I’ve seen but never seen anyone talk about,” said a Reddit user.


“Plot got wacky sometimes for no reason, but it has (had*, I’m assuming) a cool vibe to it. Great soundtrack and was just a fun, light show,” said a Reddit user.

“Maria Bamford rules and Mitch Hurwitz is involved, so it’s got a slight Arrested Development vibe. Season 2 is especially bonkers,” said a Reddit user.

Lady Dynamite

American Vandal

“I think American Vandal is one of the funniest things I have ever watched. Maybe not for everyone, but I was truly dumbfounded it was not more popular,” said Snarfox.

“I thought it was better than Squid game. Grittier characters and just a more chaotic plot. Loved both, though,” said DrHarryHood.

Alice In Borderland

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