Snow Storm? 10 Frugal Indoor Snow Day Activities For Kids 

These simple and frugal ideas will help keep your kids busy and help them have fun indoors on those long snow days!

Build Blanket Forts

Not only does building and playing in a blanket fort help keep your kids busy and out of trouble, but it can also be a fantastic way to help keep your kids warmer without cranking up the heat helping to save on your heating bill.  

Have A Movie Day

One great way to keep the kids calm and snuggled up under nice warm blankets is to have a movie day.  

Have A Baking Day

Play Dress Up

Get The Look

Dig Out The Arts And Crafts Box

Making a snow angel is a fun but very cold winter tradition! 

DIY Library

Take out some of your books and line them up in a central location. Have each child (and adult!) grab a book and cuddle up to read.  

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