Slower Ways to Make Easy Money

I hate reading about quick makes to make easy money that are neither quick nor easy!  These ideas will get you money but they are not quick and not possible for everyone!

House Hacking.

Whether you own or rent a house, consider house hacking to generate rental income to get some quick cash. Two immediate ideas to consider: Rent out a room in your house or get a roommate, or rent your house on Airbnb when you know you’ll be away from home.  

Switch Bank Accounts.

When most people think of sign-up bonuses, they think of earning cashback with credit cards and don’t realize that many bank accounts will offer you a few hundred dollars to make the switch as well. 

Refinance Personal Loans

Reducing your interest payment is the fastest way to keep more cash in your pocket. The Federal Reserve has lowered interest rates across the board. Make sure you take advantage of it by refinancing your personal loans or student loans 

Pick Up Extra Shift

I know! This probably doesn’t even count but consider it if it works for you! Ask your boss if you can work extra shifts or pick up extra hours to make some extra money.  

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